Sep 2020: Giving myself permission to dream

November 29, 2020

Kulfi friends & family,

I often express my anxiety over spending our savings on Kulfi to Nic, my wonderful husband who moonlights as my entrepreneurial therapist. He reassures me and says - “if we switched places, and I told you I needed money to pursue my dream, won’t you support me?” Yes, I would, in a heartbeat. Then why is it so hard to give myself permission to do the same? 

I chalk it back to growing up not seeing dreamers around me. No one started a business, especially never women. So who am I to be the first to do so? Who am I to believe I will be successful? It takes an immense amount of self belief and a support system around you. 

Yesterday, I turned a year older. I decided to gift myself the permission to dream. 

To inspire others who may be asking themselves similar questions, this Sunday at 4 pm EST we’re hosting an amazing panel of South Asian women dreamers who've taken different paths in different industries. I’m very excited about this because these women show me that I'm not alone and that the dream is possible. Sign up here

Here’s what’s happening in the business:

  1. I placed our first ever purchase order! Super cute Kulfi brand merch and mailers are in production! I'll do a reveal on IG as the order comes in. 
  2. We relaunched our blog & our story on our site It seems simple, but it took a team to execute. Badal & Jai did the design and development (and a last minute photoshoot). Max from Madeby87 helped us pro bono by taking us on a brand discovery journey. Then we transferred all the content from the old blog to the new blog. 
  3. I’ve been in touch with my mentors via Supermaker - Karissa Bodner, Founder of Thrive Causemetics and Melisse Gulela, Co-Founder of Well+Good. Karissa and I are doing an IG live together on Sep 23 to talk about all things beauty startup-y - tune in! 
  4. We are putting together a dream team for our first ever campaign shoot later this month. I am so pumped - its going to be unlike anything you've ever seen before. 

A couple of things we'd love your help on:

Do you have an interesting perspective on beauty that you’d like to share? Kulfi Bites is accepting guest contributed articles! Send us a pitch on what you’d like to write about, including a potential title, angle of piece, and short summary. Email your pitch to with the subject line Kulfi Article Pitch. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

Do you want to create the most inclusive concealer shade range for South Asians? If you want to be part of our shade testing panel and you are in the NY area, reach out at with the subject line Shade Testing Panel with your closest shade match today (brand & shade).

As always - send me your thoughts! I have a conversation going with Tessa which has been so fun. 



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