We are a group of South Asians empowering our community through representation. That’s why we created, Kulfi, a celebration of culture and beauty. If you didn’t know, Kulfi is colorful, delicious South Asian ice cream.

We see you. We are a loud and proud South Asian voice. We represent and speak up, through our products, our storytelling, and our actions. Your story is our story and we're here to share it.

We’re taking out the guesswork. We create and test our products for and with people like us: our skin tones, undertones, and skin concerns. So we can bring you the right shades every time.

We’re giving back. Self-expression is closely tied to mental health. We donate to mental health organizations that serve the unique challenges faced by our communities.

Our Story

Hi, I’m Priyanka Ganjoo.

I didn’t see myself in the beauty industry I worked in. I spent years in the beauty industry in the background helping indie and established brands grow their business, but I rarely saw South Asians represented at the forefront. For years, I kept waiting for a brand that celebrated and centered us South Asians in its narrative. All I found were brands that tokenized and appropriated our culture, without even creating shades that worked for our skin tones! I always felt like an outsider. Finally, I said to myself, this isn’t good enough. So I left the world of corporate beauty and started Kulfi.

Kulfi is the result of my journey rediscovering the joy in makeup for myself and reclaiming my beauty for myself. It is an ode to the girl growing up in Delhi spending summers eating kulfi and to the woman I am today. 

All in all, Kulfi is our treat to you.

Priyanka Ganjoo, Founder of Kulfi