Nazar No More: The meaning behind our launch campaign
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Nazar No More: The meaning behind our launch campaign

February 15, 2021

Take back your gaze with Kulfi.

Beauty has traditionally been defined by the patriarchy’s lens, spanning throughout time and culture. Growing up, we are socialized to look and behave a certain way that can have a lasting impact. For women of color and gender expansive folks of color, it can be exhausting to navigate the conflicting signals we receive from culture, society, and family.

How can our gaze be ours and not ours at the same time? 

Feeling like we need to conform to unrealistic Eurocentric beauty standards has covered up the essence of using makeup to enhance our features, have fun expressing our uniqueness, and feel our most confident. 

The generations of beauty knowledge we carry with us is a source of empowerment. 

While kajal has traditionally been used to protect people from Nazar or Evil Eye in our culture, we’re also using it as an outlet for self-expression. Nazar No More, our first launch, brings the best of Kulfi — creativity, inclusivity, and celebration — into a collection inspired by Nazar, an amulet for protection in South, West, and Mediterranean cultures. Nazar No More empowers you to be your best, most celebrated self. 

I define beauty through my gaze.

This idea of viewing beauty through our unique lens has existed for generations. Thousands of years ago, Rumi had written: “We seek outside us the wonders that exist inside us.” Recently, Alok V. Menon voiced: “Beauty is no longer in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is about looking like yourself.” Yet this idea is revolutionary in its iteration and reiteration: I define beauty through my gaze. 

We encourage you to explore your own sense of creativity and individuality through makeup. With Kulfi’s kajal, you can bring out the expressiveness of your eyes and mood with color, shapes, and angles, while still looking and feeling like yourself. 

Sending good energy on your ever-evolving makeup journey. #NazarNoMore


Written by: Samia Abbasi, Janvi Sai, & Sree Kathiravan

Cover photo credit: Badal Patel, @bybadal

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