Be Your Own Main Match: The meaning behind our campaign
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Be Your Own Main Match: The meaning behind our campaign

August 14, 2022

Write your own story. Be your own Main Match with Kulfi.

You’ve probably heard this phrase before: “Beauty is a mask,” a way to conceal or camouflage oneself. Sometimes, this implies that when you put on makeup, you're not your “real self.” 

But what does that really mean? 

Throughout time, how people adorn or not adorn themselves represents anything from cultural and spiritual expression, to mechanisms of safety and individuality. 

Every day, we put on a different mask. Some days, you’ll wear a bold kajal eye look to channel your most badass self. Other days, you’ll find yourself bare-faced — and with some SPF, we hope! — to capture a quiet, reflective mood.

We are storytellers in our own skin. 

We all have narratives around our bodies that are composed of memories, comments, and internal & external perceptions. Each freckle, scar, and patch tells a narrative of who we are and who we’re becoming. 

Our features — the shadows under our eyes and how we spot under the sun — are an heirloom from our ancestors. 

We glow when we embrace and listen to ourselves.

Our second launch, Main Match, embodies the inclusivity and dependability of Kulfi in a creamy concealer, with skin-loving ingredients. We created Main Match with hundreds of community members: representing our skin tones, undertones, skin textures, and wishes in mind. 

Makeup helps us be the shapeshifters we naturally are.

Being yourself can be seen as an act of rebellion — especially for People of Color. We are constantly taking in signals from society, culture, and family, and our inner voice may be pulling us in a different direction. Ultimately, we choose what makes sense in the moment. 

But remember: You are in control of your own narrative. You get to choose what to reveal and what to conceal about yourself. 

Sending good energy on your ever-evolving makeup journey. #MainMatch


Main Match is now available at and in the U.S. and Canada.

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