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7 Best brown girl approved blushes for your next Zoom call

August 30, 2020

By Mariam Shaikh & Seoyeon Kim

When I first started wearing makeup, I remember making the conscious choice to forgo blush. I feared looking too rosy for my skin tone, too made up for the room I was in, or too similar to the cakey rouged look that we often see some of our relatives donning during shaadi season (sorry Aunties!). However, when tinted rosy cheeks started making a comeback, popularized by the likes of Doja Cat and a slew of young Instagram influencers, I began reconsidering the makeup product. I walked into SEPHORA and searched the aisles for something basic to begin with. This shopping trip was no easy feat, and it was certainly a search to find the perfect terracotta shade for the warm undertones in my skin. Eventually, the perfect rosy powder called to me from aisle seven and I have never looked back (read on to learn what it is!). Here is a curated list of 7 brown girl approved blushes to add to your cart during your next makeup splurge.

1. For a sophisticated rosy look, try FENTY BEAUTY Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream Blush in Rosé Latte:

Fenty Cheeks Out Rose Latte Blush

“It’s so hard for us darker-skinned girls to find a blush that suits our skin tones. Definitely try FENTY. For their cream blushes, the shade Rosé Latte is really nice. It's a darker shade that reminds me of when a rose dries out. A perfect shade for brown girls.” — Sofia Joy,

Color: soft bronzed nude | Link to buy ($20)

2. Don’t skip out on orange, try Glossier Cloud Paint Gel-Cream Blush in Dawn:

I’ve realized 2 things: 1. Orange tones look better on my skin when I’m tanned and 2. Pink isn’t the 'natural' blush that works for all of us. Recently, I’ve been using Glossier Cloud Paint in Dawn which is the shit.” — Dhwani Khathotia, @mylittlecupboard

Color: sunny coral | Link to buy ($18)

3. For a dewy summer look, try Em Cosmetics Color Drops Serum Blush in Sunset Sky:

“Hints of peachy coral shades are my jam. This formula gives you that dewy, ‘my skin but better’ look that I’m a huge fan of.” — Priyanka Ganjoo, @priyankaganjoo

Color: warm coral | Link to buy ($25)

4. For a holy grail pink blush, try BOBBI BROWN Blush in Tawny: 

“I think blush is every brown girl’s secret for our skin tones. I recommend BOBBI BROWN blush, especially in the color Tawny for brown girls. It's really, really good.” — Afshan Nasseri, @lifesforliving

Color: medium pinky brown | Link to buy ($33) 

5. New to blush? Try this versatile MILK Makeup Lip + Cheek in Werk: 

“This MILK Lip + Cheek stick got me into wearing blush during quarantine. It’s easy to apply with my fingers and buildable—so I can play it up or keep it casual. Plus, it smells like tangerine!” — Samia Abbasi, @samiabossee

Color: dusty rose | Link to buy ($28)

6. For the perfect pink flush, try NARS Blush in Dolce Vita:

“I never used to wear blush, in fact I actively avoided it—that is, until I came across Dolce Vita. For the perfect pink flush, I like to blend this all over my cheeks and my nose (which is a game changer). I love how awake it makes me look in the morning.” — Mariam Shaikh, @mariamshaikh_

Color: matte dusty rose | Link to buy ($30)

7. An affordable lip color as blush? #BeautyHack. Try NYX Professional Powder Puff Lippie in Moody:

“My current favorite ‘blush’ has been NYX Professional Powder Puff Lippie in the shade Moody. I apply it over a liquid foundation base or bare skin and buff it out with a brush or a beauty blender. I love that the deep berry tones give darker skin tones a deep, glowy, and natural tint. The amazing formula keeps the makeup fresh and the pigment powerful!” — Noreen Hasan, @_noreenhasan_

Color: cool toned plum | Link to buy ($8.50)

Whether it’s a peachy coral shade or a buildable, tangerine scented cream, blush is an almost crucial part of many brown girls’ beauty routines. A healthy glow is every skin tone’s secret weapon!


Cover Photo Credit: Glossier

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