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5 South Asian Gen Z TikToks that we're still thinking about

December 23, 2020

By Kulfi Bites Team

All of us stumbled onto TikTok one way or another and emerged with TikTok sounds that pop up in our head at 2 AM. On Kulfi Bites this year, we got to feature the amazing Jikaria Sisters (@jikariasisters), the lovely Arshi Chowdhury (@arshichow), and the badass Naan (@ba.naan). South Asian Gen Z TikTokers made 2020 a little brighter, and they will, no doubt, take over the world someday. So, here it is: 5 TikToks by Desi Gen Z TikTokers that we’ll still be thinking about in 2021. And no, there was no scrolling involved in the making of this blog post; each video was plucked straight from our memories and brought to you. 

1. Krithi and her mom Sridevi hitting every beat 

Nothing brings us more joy than watching Krithi and Sridevi Srinivas dance in sync to Hip Hop music. In this this TikTok dancing to 'Pray For Me,' they stare straight into our souls and do that slow walk-dance so well. In addition to dance, we love seeing their various artistic talents on TikTok. You can follow Krithi on TikTok at @krithi.com and Sridevi at @sridevisriart.

Krithi and her mom Sridevi dancing on TikTok
Watch Krithi and Sridevi on TikTok here

2. Meg saying what we’re all thinking about with Zoom

From calling out men for gatekeeping video games to the random grocery lists we see on family Whatsapp chats, Meg is one of the funniest and realest people on TikTok. In this TikTok, she sums up all our feelings about Zoom and the words ‘can you unmute yourself?’ You can follow Meg on TikTok here at @bootlegmegz. 

Meg smiling on TikTok
Watch Meg on TikTok here

3. Mo and the sheer drama of the baguette

Mo practically invented ‘being mysterious’ and doing eclectic activities, like this TikTok where they buy a baguette. We love watching their everyday life in London, and no one rocks Hello Kitty and sweater vests like they do. You can find them on TikTok at @m0_space. 

Mo looking away from the camera on TikTok
Watch Mo on TikTok here

4. Salwa and her Bollywood remix song like no other 

With her stunning makeup looks and hilarious duets with white boys, Salwa Aziz is a Gen Z TikToker we definitely want to be friends with. A TikTok that lives rent free in our minds is one where she sings/remixes ‘Soni De Nakhre.' Just watch it, you’ll see why! You can follow Salwa and see more TikToks like that at @salwa.aziz. 

Salwa Aziz dueting in a TikTok
Watch Salwa on TikTok here

5. Srinidhi keeps it real about high school Honors classes...

...while using a TikTok sound that reminds us of pre-COVID days. Srinidhi has an infectious personality on TikTok, including her ‘Gen Z as aunties’ impression. We are definitely flashing back to our high school days with this TikTok and the word ‘unit circle.’  You can watch more of Srinidhi’s TikToks at @simplyysri. 

Srinidhi typing on a laptop in a TikTok
Watch Srinidhi on TikTok here

Cover photo credit: Mo, @m0space

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