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3 Indigenous beauty brands to support this Indigenous Peoples' Day

October 12, 2020

By Kulfi Bites Team

As a beauty brand founded in New York, we recognize the continued impact of settler-colonialism on Indigenous communities in America. This Indigenous Peoples' Day, we are uplifting 3 Indigenous-owned beauty brands championing Indigenous representation in the beauty industry, giving back to their communities, and creating amazing makeup products for BIPOC skin tones.

1.) Buy a Bold Lip Color from Cheekbone Beauty

Cheekbone Beauty lipstick
photo credit: Cheekbone Beauty

Established in 2016, Cheekbone Beauty is an Indigenous-owned and founded, digitally-native, Canadian cosmetics company by Jennifer Harper. When you purchase a Cheekbone Beauty product, 10% of Cheekbone’s profits are donated to Shannen’s Dream. Beauty writer and editor Mishal Cazmi writes, “I love what Jenn Harper is doing at Cheekbone Beauty, an Indigenous-owned beauty brand that has a mission beyond beauty and that’s to empower Indigenous youth through representation and educational support.” We can’t wait to try their beautiful lip colors, like this Askîhk Rose Lipstick (a plum rose shade).

2.) Pucker Up with a Shimmery Lip Gloss from Indigenous Cosmetics 

Indigenous Cosmetics lip gloss
photo credit: Indigenous Cosmetics

Indigenous Cosmetics is a Sicangu Lakota and Chippewa Cree (sweet) grassroot company where Native identity, culture and values inspire custom handcrafted cosmetics. With over 20 years in the beauty business, they create and customize cosmetics that complement Indigenous skin tones, noting that oftentimes, makeup isn’t made for richer skin tones in mind. We resonate with their mission, here at Kulfi. Their lip glosses come in lovely shades of brown, plum, and red. We’re eyeing this Cocoa Lip Gloss (a polished brown shimmer). 

3.) Paint the Rainbow on your Eyelids with Prados Beauty

Prados Beauty eyeshadow palette swatches
photo credit: Prados Beauty

Created in 2019, Prados Beauty’s mission is to create an inclusive and uplifting beauty brand that inspires people through the lens of Indigenous communities throughout Turtle Island. As part of their commitment to Indigenous communities, they started Prado’s Promise: they donate portions of their proceeds, do charitable work in these communities, and support other Native entrepreneurs on their website and social channels. The founder, Cece, is a Xicana/Indigenous woman, and we love this quote by her: “At Prados, we are building a community of dreamers and misfits who choose to follow their own path in life. We encourage our youth and our supporters to push the boundaries of conventional thinking.” We’re obsessed with the pigmentation in the Prados Beauty x Steven Paul Judd Eyeshadow Palette, which features 30 colorful eyeshadows. 

If you’re residing in the United States, we also encourage you to get to know the local Indigenous tribe(s) on whose sacred land you live, work, and play (via the Native Land Map) and to support local Indigenous businesses & organizations. 

Images and information from brands’ Instagram pages and websites. Cover image credits to @agnauraq, @warrenstevenscott, & @cheekbonebeauty. 

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