About Bites

Launched in April 2020, 

Kulfi Bites is a content & community platform of Kulfi Beauty that celebrates self-expression and challenges norms. 

At the onset of creating Kulfi, we realized that there is an emotional gap in the beauty media space: South Asians don’t feel seen in all their curiosities and complexities. Part of representation entails creating it for ourselves and cultivating a space for people we would have loved to see more of growing up.

So, we sat down with our community members to ask them about their relationships with beauty and how that intersects with their pathways, identities, and dreams. From there, we observed the power of personal storytelling and how it can shape conversations about beauty and identity in an inclusive and intentional way. 

Kulfi Bites is a space for South Asians and BIPOC to explore topics within beauty, culture, career, and wellness, through the lens of personal storytelling: 

Beauty: A spotlight on joyful memories, intergenerational knowledge, and experiences with tried & true beauty products.

Culture: A celebration of our heritages in all their complexity while holding them in conversation with our values.

Career: A transparent and insightful guide that demystifies career paths and emphasizes the process, rather than the end result. 

Wellness: An embracing of the rituals & rhythms that make us feel grounded in our cultures and explore our experiences with physical & mental wellness.

Welcome to Kulfi Bites. We hope it leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. Every time.

Become a Contributing Writer: 

There is sweetness in telling a story that’s close to your heart, yet resonates with so many different people.

We welcome South Asian and BIPOC, Gen Z and Millennials of all genders to be part of the Kulfi Bites contributing writer team. We also accept guest contributor pitches. Email Kulfi’s Editor Samia Abbasi at samia@kulfibeauty.com to get in touch.